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A mutually beneficial arrangement to increase significantly your company’s customers, sales, and profits AND bring stable, predictable and consistent growth through proven business systems


Revenue Growth




Customer Satisfaction

Execution Quotient


Sales Growth in your business.  Year-On-Year % Change


Improve the Return on Sales - ( % growth)


Actively work on the Growth of the Customer Satisfaction Index

Analyse and strengthen areas that are hindering the successful implentation of action plans. Implement the Balanced Score Card.

Policies, Procedures & Systems

Build the knowledge base, and embed the organizational strength and competence inside the business, through strong systems.

I work alongside owners of small and medium businesses, like you - in manufacturing or services - to maximise your sales and profits. I believe in conceiving and implementing cost effective and competitive methods. I believe that the whole organization must be aligned to be successful. Hence, I make a holistic approach -  on the business, on robust systems, and on the people.  

My Value Proposition : I believe in an engagement that is measurable, fact, a significant part of my fees will come only and when mutually agreed objectives are met.




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